The economic cost of IPR infringement in the pesticides sector

This study focuses on the economic impact of counterfeit pesticides in the European Union marketplace and the wider costs for businesses, governments and society as a whole.

The study refers only to manufacturing and so does not include wholesale and retail trade due to unavailability of official public data. 

Main findings:

  • 13.8 % of direct sales lost each year
  • EUR 1.3 billion lost by the sector annually
  • EUR 2.8 billion of direct and indirect sales lost in the EU each year
  • 2 600 direct jobs lost across the EU each year
  • 11 700 direct and indirect jobs lost annually
  • EUR 238 million lost in government revenues (taxes and social security contributions)

The study covers the following products:

  • Manufacture of insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides, acaricides, molluscicides, and biocides;
  • Manufacture of anti-sprouting products, plant growth regulators;
  • Manufacture of disinfectants for agricultural and other uses;
  • Manufacture of other agrochemical products, n.e.c. (not elsewhere classified).

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The economic cost of IPR infringement in the pesticides sector

In the present report the Observatory focuses its attention on the infringement of IP rights in the pesticides sector.


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