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Virtual meeting of the IP Enforcement Portal rights holder’s steering group

09 July 2020

The rights holder’s steering group for the IP Enforcement Portal held its biannual meeting online for the first time.

The rights holder’s steering group meeting for the IP Enforcement Portal was held online for the first time on 8 July via Zoom.

This event, which takes place once or twice a year, aims to bring together the members of the steering group with the IP Enforcement Portal team. The discussions focused on the users’ perception and understanding of the tool and on their views and proposals for next steps and the development of new features.

The IP Enforcement Portal – the single EU platform for dealing with EU IPR enforcement matters – is constantly incorporating new features and upgrading its existing functionalities with a view to improving the users’ experience and providing new methods to make the communication between all parties in enforcement more effective.

This event is another example of the Office’s commitment to the improvement of existing tools and services, supporting IP enforcement throughout the EU.

We would like to thank all the rights holders and legal representatives who are members of this steering group for their participation, feedback, support and enthusiasm!