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Managing who has access to your account in the IP Enforcement Portal

26 January 2021

Do you want to give access to your team members? Is a colleague leaving the company? Learn how you can manage who has access to your account in IPEP.

The IP Enforcement Portal (IPEP) system is set up to handle two different types of user within an account: the master user and other users with sub-accounts.

  • Master user
    • There is only one master user per company. This master user can create sub-accounts for that company and has access to all of the company’s information.
  • Sub-accounts
    • These users also have access to all of the company’s information, but do not have user management rights.
    • When applying for an IPEP account, you need to decide who within your company should handle the master user. The master user has user management rights (as a company administrator user), meaning that they can create sub-accounts for their colleagues.

How do I create sub-accounts?

The master user can send an email with the name and professional email address of their colleague(s) to with the request to create a sub-account. You can also create sub-accounts via the ‘User management’ option in the tool itself (please find detailed instructions in our Step-by-step user guide).

How can I change the master user?

If the master user is leaving the company, or if the company wishes to appoint a different master user, the current master user should email informing us of the change and asking for their colleague to be made master user.

If the master user leaves the company without authorising a new one, we initiate the procedure for appointing a new master user by sending a letter containing a safety code to the rights holder.

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