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eAFA toolkit & resources

eAFA toolkit

As from 13 December 2021, all customs applications for action (AFAs) should be filed and managed electronically. AFAs can be filed and managed in IP Enforcement Portal (IPEP).

You can access IPEP through the LOG IN above, either using your IPEP credentials or using TAXUD authentication portal UUM/DS credentials (using your EORI).

Should your AFA submission country be France, you can also file an AFA based on the French Intellectual Property Code, which allows customs authorities to set up the surveillance of goods on national territory. In other words, the authorities may detain goods that have already cleared customs and that are now in free circulation.

This AFA is complementary to the one filed under Regulation (EU) 608/2013 and can be filed simultaneously, by completing this form and uploading it in the Company Information / Document Portfolio (File Category ‘Other documents’) so it can be included in Step1 of the AFA request as an attachment. You can find more information at the French customs webpage.

What's new

Join our next demo and Q&A session on the IP Enforcement Portal

Our next live demo and Q&A session for rights holders and legal representatives will take place on 23 May at 15:00 CET.

IPEP opening up to e-commerce marketplaces

03 May 2023

e-Commerce marketplaces can now use IPEP to access information on IP rights and contact points from relevant rights holders.

A communication platform between all parties in enforcement

The platform permits all rights holders, enforcers and the EU Commission and its EU delegations to enter informationrelated to IPR enforcement through drop-down menus in their own language.


Rights holders

Protect originals

Rights holders can protect their products against counterfeiting by sharing information on their products, IP rights and contact data with EU enforcement authorities. This will make it easier for enforcers to recognise originals from fake goods (on the basis of information such as packaging, identifiers, logistics), contact the rights holders if needed and take action.

Report IPR infringement cases in third countries to the EU Commission (DG Trade)

Including information on the procedures chosen to enforce these cases so that the Commission is aware of the IPR landscape in these countries and can adapt their strategy.

File and manage customs’ Application for Action (AFA) electronically

This legal document is necessary for any customs administration to take action on your behalf on products counterfeiting your IP rights.

Receive an overview of the IP infringement landscape in countries outside of the EU

To better understand the landscape in a specific country to shape your business strategy there more effectively.

Multilingual exchange

The tool permits all users to enter information through drop-down menus in their own language. The same information can be viewed in any of the 23 languages of the EU.


Terms and Conditions.

As a right holder you will need a valid registered trade mark or a valid registered design within the European Union. Legal representatives can request an account for their clients, indicating a trade mark or design (European Union or national). Legal representatives can have a “legal representative” account to have access to their clients` account with their own credentials.


Information exchange with rights holders on specific cases

The tool allows the exchange of key information between rights holders and enforcement authorities to help distinguish between original and fake goods. Customs and police officers can use the information in the tool to recognise counterfeited goods and contact the rights holders to discuss a case.

Statistics on detentions

The tool contains data on the detentions of articles that are suspected of infringing intellectual property at borders and in the internal market. With this you can report and follow your own authority’s activity.

Alerts on trends

Enforcers can receive alerts from rights holders on new trends or on a specific case from which enforcers can take action.


All authorities’ data is converted into a harmonised format so that it can be compared and aggregated, allowing further analysis and the creation of individualised reports. The tool provides simple reports to analyse trends. Ad hoc reports on data analysis and EU trends will be prepared to help enforcers target their work.

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