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The IPEP Forum 2022 – the EU IPR enforcement networking event for rights holders and enforcement authorities

The 2022 IPEP Forum will take place at the EUIPO’s premises in Alicante on 29-30 November.

The users of the IP Enforcement Portal (IPEP), rights holders and 75 EU enforcement authorities, as well as representatives from the European Commission, Europol and OLAF, will have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and best practices.

The 1.5-day event will start off with the presentation of use cases, highlighting the main hurdles in the daily work of the different parties involved in IPR enforcement. The participants will be divided into discussion groups, for fact-finding and jointly brainstorming for solutions to improve the common fight against IPR solutions.

The traditional Exhibit and the Speed dating meet and greet exercise will make a return, as well as a number of training workshops, such as How to file an AFA, the do’s and don’ts, or How to handle the clients’ accounts in IPEP for Legal Representatives 



The IPEP Forum offers:

  • NETWORKING between rights holders and enforcement authorities of the 27 Member States;
  • an EXHIBITION on counterfeits, to show enforcers how to identify genuine products with the help of IPEP;
  • DISCUSSION GROUPS to brainstorm solutions on enforcement issues;
  • WORKSHOPS that offer training for rights holders and customs and police officers;
  • SPEED DATING for quick one-to-one meet and greet between rights holders and enforcers.

The working language of the event will be English.



IP Enforcement Portal Forum 2022

Alicante — 29-30 November 2022


Register for the Forum 

* Deadline for registration: 31 October 2022


Participation in the IPEP Forum is free of charge for enforcement authorities and rights holders.

The only condition for rights holders is that they hold an IPEP account and have at least one product in their portfolio. If you have still not registered with IPEP, you can do so electronically through this link. Both registration and use of the IPEP are free of charge.

You can register with the IPEP at the same time as you register for the event

For enforcers, the EUIPO will cover the traveling and accommodation costs for two representatives per authority registered in IPEP.

The deadline for registration is 31 October.

For any questions on IPEP or the Forum, don’t hesitate to contact us at ipenforcementportal@euipo.europa.eu