EDB forum


The EDB Forum — an IPR enforcement networking event for rights holders and enforcement authorities

The 2018 EDB Forum will take place at the EUIPO’s premises in Alicante on 13-14 June.

Enforcement Database (EDB) users, rights holders and enforcement authorities from the 28 EU Member States, as well as representatives from the European Commission and Europol, will have the opportunity to meet each other and exchange ideas and best practices.

A number of technical meetings and workshops will be held, with the aim of drawing conclusions and making recommendations on various issues. Here are just some of the issues that will be addressed:

  • Best practices in detentions of products from MULTIPLE RIGHTSHOLDERS;
  • CERTIFICATION MARKS and the new role of certification bodies in enforcement;
  • INTELLIGENCE SHARING between right holders and enforcers: zero tolerance or minimum quantity? Transit? Best practices in information sharing.

The EUIPO invites participants, when registering, to suggest further points for discussion during the various networking activities.


The Forum offers:

  • NETWORKING between rights holders and enforcement authorities;
  • an EXHIBITION on counterfeits, to show enforcers how to identify genuine products with the help of the EDB;
  • WORKING GROUPS for discussing enforcement issues;
  • WORKSHOPS on the EDB tool for rights holders, customs and police officers;
  • MEETING AREAS for one-to-one discussions between rights holders and enforce

The working language of the event will be English.

Enforcement Database Forum

Alicante - 13 & 14 June 2018


Register for EDB Forum 

* Deadline for registration: 28 May 2018



Participation in the EDB Forum is free of charge for enforcement authorities and rights holders.

The only condition for rights holders is that they hold an EDB account and have at least one product in their portfolio. If you have still not registered with the EDB, you can do so electronically through this link. Both registration and use of the EDB are free of charge.

You can register with the EDB at the same time as you register for the event

Associations are invited to send a delegate to participate in the Forum.

The deadline for registration is 28 May.

For any questions on the EDB or the Forum, don’t hesitate to contact us at observatory.edb@euipo.europa.eu.