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On infringements of intellectual property rights

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Helping EU companies trade safely beyond the EU

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In collaboration with the European Commission (DG Trade), the European Observatory has created an Anti-Counterfeiting Rapid Intelligence System (ACRIS) to bring together in one database all data relating to cases of intellectual property rights' infringement affecting EU companies in countries outside the EU. It is intended to serve as a single information point for both European businesses and authorities.


ACRIS is a web-based application that gathers information on IP infringement cases affecting EU companies in countries outside the EU. It also contains information on the follow-up of these cases by the local authorities.

Free, multilingual, secure.

The benefits of ACRIS

ACRIS provides an overview of the IP infringement landscape in countries outside the European Union, allowing EU companies to shape their business strategies in third countries and reduce their risk of suffering IP infringement.


ACRIS lets you:

  • follow an infringement case throughout the enforcement cycle until the case is closed;
  • view metrics and graphics relating to your own cases;
  • view anonymised statistics on trends from other companies using ACRIS;
  • obtain news on upcoming European Commission's IP Dialogues with third countries.

ACRIS allows EU policymakers to obtain additional information and statistics to help shape their intellectual property discussions with countries outside the EU, thus improving the IP landscape there for EU businesses. Legal representatives and associations can also tap into this source of knowledge for providing expert analyses and giving advice on investment in foreign countries.


How secure and confidential is ACRIS?

Confidentiality of information stored in ACRIS is key: details of the cases are only shared with the few EU Commission's representatives having access to the database and the Observatory.

Furthermore, any case can be marked as "confidential" to avoid its disclosure. All data contribute to anonimous statistics that are shared only with companies using ACRIS.

ACRIS runs under strict security parameters. The database has been built in compliance with SOC 2, the security standard most commonly used by banks.


How can I register?

To apply for an account in ACRIS click on the button.

See the terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact us at observatory.acris@euipo.europa.eu.