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On infringements of intellectual property rights

Promoting and supporting intellectual property value



One of the key results of the IP Perception Study series was that nearly a quarter of all EU citizens surveyed wondered if an online source was genuine or not. That figure rose to 41% among EU citizens aged between 15-24.

EU consumers should be able to find legal offers easily, in their own language, through a one-stop-shop portal that gives them all the information they require.

This can help all EU citizens quickly and efficiently find a wide array of legal offers, from films to books to music, and beyond

The European online content portal, agorateka, developed by EUIPO through the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, helps consumers identify legal offers for music, TV & films, games, books and sports events in participating European countries through a single portal.

The initiative also informs policymakers about the current situation on legal offers available online.

The portal links to existing national portals in those countries where they exist, and promotes the construction of such portals in countries where there are currently none with the help of a toolkit provided by EUIPO.


Access agorateka – the European online content portal 


An awareness campaign was launched on April 26 in 18 European countries that already have one or more online content portals connected to agorateka

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