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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

IP Enforcement Portal Registration  


To apply for an account in the IP Enforcement Portal, you will need a valid IPR registered in the European Union (EU). The IPR selected in your account request is only used during the registration process to authenticate the requestor as an IP rights holder and to send him or her a letter to the registered company address.
If you already have a valid registered trade mark or design (national, EU or international) within the EU you can request an account through our online system at:
Should you not have a trade mark or design, please send an email to: ipenforcementportal@euipo.europa.eu .

For security reasons, the IPR owner will receive a physical letter per courier service at the address indicated in the register (a reference can be indicated). This letter will contain a code that needs to be sent back to us via email to ipenforcementportal@euipo.europa.eu . We will then send you a link to a user account where you can set up a password. A second letter will follow with a PIN SAFE for secure authentication. You will need the PIN SAFE once you are logged in, for entering product information.

Registration and use of the IP Enforcement Portal are totally free of charge.
The EUIPO, through the EU Observatory, under Regulation (EU) No 386/2012 , creates and develops technical tools to prevent and tackle the infringement of IP rights and to distinguish genuine products from counterfeits.

The tool is built on two layers. The most sensitive information is protected under PIN SAFE. You will need the PIN SAFE once you are logged in for entering product information or access the Application for Action (AFA) information. In Product Portfolio, you should click on unlock the operation:

You can always use the same PINsafe. It is not necessary to request a new PINsafe each time you access the tool.
The PINsafe consists of four numbers. You need to enter the letters in the second row that correspond with the numbers of your PINsafe in the first row. Here is an example:


If the PINsafe was ‘1386’, the code to enter would be ‘THDB’.
Position 1 -> T
Position 3 -> H
Position 8 -> D
Position 6 -> B
Please note that the letters need to be written as CAPITALS.

If you entered the tool but you did not receive the PIN SAFE, you can request a new PIN under the image with numbers and letters by clicking on Request new PIN.

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