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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

Company and Product Information


The ‘representative account’ is automatically created the first time the representative is appointed as such in one of his client accounts.
The ‘representative account’ will allow you to access the accounts of their various clients with one password. You will have a ‘company portfolio’ with your clients and you can enter various accounts. Once you have a profile created in the IP Enforcement Portal any other rights holder can select your legal office/company and appoint you as their representative in the tool.

Currently, all EU customs have access to the IP Enforcement Portal. Furthermore, a number of police forces already have access to the IP Enforcement Portal, including the EU agencies Europol and the EU anti-fraud agency OLAF. The number of police forces accessing the tool is increasing continuously.
Due to the importance of getting in contact with the rights holders, all enforcement authorities registered in the IP Enforcement Portal have access to the Company information general data on the company as this part is open to them by default.
The Product information level (Product Portfolio) contains detailed and sensitive information on the products. It is protected by a PINsafe and needs to be actively SHARED with the enforcement authorities in order to become visible to them.