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This section contains documentation relating to EUIPO’s environmental targets, which are in line with the EU2020 strategy for sustainable growth. Workplace sustainability at EUIPO is linked to minimising the environmental impact of the Office’s operations, and is part of its integrated management systems policy.

EUIPO Environmental Declaration

Published on 27 May 2017

The Office’s Environmental Declaration outlines how it manages its resources and reduces emissions to minimise its environmental impact, through a series of targeted actions.


Decision No ADM-12-65

Decision on EMAS scheme, and on the Health, Safety and Environment Committee

This Decision of the Executive Director sets out its policy to maintain EMAS registration for its facilities and certain activities, and also includes its Environmental Policy.


BREEAM® Certification

Published on 30 September 2016

EUIPO’s certification for the challenging BREEAM® environmental standards applied to its infrastructure projects.


EU Eco-Management and
Audit Scheme (EMAS)


EUIPO has been closely adhering to the EMAS standards, developed by the European Commission for organisations and businesses, since 2008.

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