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Strategic Plan 2020

The Strategic Plan 2020 sets out EUIPO's leadership vision for the next five years.

Our vision for 2020: User-driven European Intellectual Property Network.


This strategic plan builds on the achievements of the Strategic Plan 2011-2015. Since the strategic goals and the vision of the previous plan remain fundamentally valid the current plan represents an evolution of what has already been achieved, rather than a radical change of direction.

In order to achieve EUIPO's vision, the guiding principles of team work, enhancing the service level given to users, improving awareness, and networking will be converted into the following strategic goals:

  • Improve operational effectiveness;
  • Enhance access to the IP system and IP knowledge;
  • Build network convergence with a global impact.
Structure of OHIM's Strategic Plan

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Structure of the Strategic Plan

The Strategic plan is divided into six lines of action:

Line of Action 1 aims at building a dynamic and knowledgeable organisation that acts in a transparent and accountable manner (Line of Action 2).

As we live in an increasingly digital world with all its opportunities and threats, this must be supported by an effective and secure digital environment (Line of Action 3) in terms of infrastructure and transformational power.

Since the IP market is interconnected and interdependent a strong network engagement (Line of Action 4) with other players is essential. This must be coupled with the provision of high quality services that are customer driven (Line of Action 5).

Taken together all these elements support the wider interpretation of our institutional mandate implicit in the Office's new name and expanded role, at the heart of which is the vision of strengthening the intellectual property system (Line of Action 6).

Strategic Plan 2020


The projects in brief

Each line of action comes to life through specific projects that frame the actions of the Strategic Plan in terms of benefits, time and investment. The table below gives basic information about the projects the Office plans to undertake. Click on the arrows on the right-hand side of your screen for more information

Line of Action 1: Build a dynamic and knowledgeable organisationShowHide
Line of Action 2: Increase transparency and accountabilityShowHide
Line of Action 3: Foster an effective and secure digital environmentShowHide
Line of Action 4: Intensify network engagementShowHide
Line of Action 5: Enhance customer-driven quality servicesShowHide
Line of Action 6: Strengthen the Intellectual Property systemShowHide

Designing the Strategic Plan 2020

The Strategic Plan is created with advice and input from a wide range of sources — staff, users, and IP offices from inside and outside the European Union and it is approved by the Management Board of EUIPO.

The current plan underwent two public consultations: the first consultation ran from 23 January to 23 February 2015, when the guiding principles and outline of the Strategic Plan were presented. The second consultation was launched in the wake of the publication of Regulation (EU) 2015/2424 and ran from 2 February to 15 March 2016.

A public consultation was also launched on the European Cooperation projects, which ran from Tuesday 9 February to Tuesday 22 March 2016.

Read more about our first Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and the Benefits-Impact Framework and Assessment covering this period.

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