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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


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Public procurement

All our procurement procedures are governed by the European Parliament and Council Regulation No 966/2012, which is applicable to the Union's general budget together with its Rules of Application (Commission Delegated Regulation 1268/2012), as amended.

Offers submitted in the context of a procurement procedure are called 'tenders'. An economic operator who has submitted a tender is referred to as a 'tenderer'. You are kindly invited to consult the Guidebook for Economic Operators where you will find all relevant information for helping you to submit a tender in response to an invitation to tender issued by the Office.

Personal deliveries from 8.30 - 13.30 and 15.00 - 17.00

From 23 March 2016, the name of the Office has changed to European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Consequently, as regards all our current procurement procedures, any reference to 'Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market' or 'OHIM' in the procurement documents, if any, shall be understood, respectively, as a reference to 'European Union Intellectual Property Office' or 'EUIPO'.

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Useful documents and other information


If you encounter any technical problem, please contact us at information@euipo.europa.eu.

To access procurement documents you need to have an EUIPO account. To contact the procurement service, use a mailbox in the 'contact us' section.

Please note that you may not discuss any aspect of an ongoing call for tenders with EUIPO staff.


Data Protection

Any personal data shall be processed solely for the purposes of the management and administration of the procurement or grant procedures or selection of experts by Office's services pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data.

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