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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


Performing an advanced search by images

  1. Click on 'Advanced search' link located at the top of the search bar.

  2. Once you are in the 'Advanced search' section, look for the column on the left hand side of the screen 'Add search criteria from below'. Choose ‘Trade mark representation’ or 'Design representation'.

  5. The box to upload or drag and drop your image(s) will then appear. The system will only allow for the upload of JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF extensions, larger than 100x100 pixels and with a maximum size of 2 Megabytes.

  6. Once your image(s) is uploaded, you can:

    • Click and adjust the rectangle to select the area of the image(s) to search.
    • Change the image(s) you want to search by clicking on the bin icons or in ‘Change image(s)’
    • Select if you want to search for trade marks, designs or both. When uploading 1 image you’ll have the possibility to search for both, if uploading more than one image the system will show results only for designs.
    • Type the necessary characters in the search bar in case you want to do a combined search of an image along with trade mark name or design verbal elements.

  7. Select the most convenient criteria for your search from the column on the left of the screen 'Add search criteria from below'. Up to nine different search criteria are available for combination for image based searches within trade marks, and up to six for designs. Below you can find a short description of each criteria.


    Available search criteria for trade marks:

    • Trade mark name: add verbal elements to your image to be searched, including phonetic and fuzzy variations in the text.
    • Trade mark type: specify if the trade mark you want to search is figurative, colour, 3D, sound, hologram, other.
    • Trade mark status (EUTM): under examination, published, cancelled, expired, etc.
    • Trade mark status (International Registrations): received, under examination, cancelled, etc.
    • Kind of mark: individual, EU certification marks, collective.
    • Vienna Classification: choose the concepts, ideas or elements that best describe the image you want to search by using the Vienna Codes (e. g. 'Birds' 03.07).
    • Nice Classification: add Nice classification and sort by image relevance.
    • Filing date: add time restrictions to limit your search.
    • Owner name: add a name or a reference number of a trade mark owner.


    Available search criteria for designs:

    • Verbal element: add verbal elements to your image to be searched.
    • Design status: registered and fully published, design surrendered, invalidity procedure pending, etc.
    • Locarno Classification: restrict your query to Locarno classes (e. g. 'Tables and similar furniture' 06.03).
    • Indication of the product: restrict your query to product indications
    • Owner name: add a name or a reference number of a trade mark owner.
    • Filing date: add time restrictions to limit your search.

  8. Now click on the 'Search' button.

    The 'images view' will be shown by default, but you can also choose the 'detail view' and the 'list view' to display the results and even select the number of items you want to visualize per page (from 5 to 100).

    Detail view

    Detail view

    List view

    List view

    Images view

    Images view

  9. You can preview the details of each trade mark or design, check full information about, zoom in the images or generate reports. In the design results tab you can also browse through the different views available of the design by clicking on the arrows at the side of the image.

    Generate reports: Select the trade marks or designs you want to include in your report by clicking in the tick box next to each image and click on 'Generate PDF'. The report with your selection will be created instantly. You also have a 'select all' option. This option will allow you to select a maximum of 100 trade marks to include in the report.

    To obtain further information of a trade mark or a design, hover over the image and select ‘View full info’.

  10. Apply up to four different filters to your search results

    Click on 'Filters' in the top right of the results screen. A box with the available filters will be displayed. Select the most suitable filters according to your search. Trade mark type, trade mark status (EUTM), trade mark status (IR) and Vienna Classification are the filters available within trade mark advanced searches, whilst design status, published in, owner country, Locarno class are the filters available for designs.

Page last updated 24-02-2018
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