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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


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List of website improvements

EUIPO website was completely refactored and launched on 2 December 2013. Since then many of our users have joined the site in order to improve its usability and influence the direction of future releases.

Improvements at a glance

We are constantly improving our website and, with every new release, we publish a short summary of the website sections and online services that have been updated. This graph gives an overview of the areas impacted by the improvements.

eSearch plus

User Area



Trade mark application

Design application

Other efilings

For a complete overview of our upcoming improvements, see the table below. Most of these have been suggested by users via our Information Centre. In other instances, our IT teams have taken the decision to improve certain areas on which we had received customer feedback.

You can filter the table by online section, improvement, implementation date and popularity.

Please note that the dates below are indicative only and will be updated every month.

List of improvements
Section Improvement planned Popularity
eSearch plus Generic 'Reply' button to be added
Portal Session timeout period to be increased from 30 minutes to 2 hours
eSearch plus Trade mark/design number to be included in detail view
Electronic payment Where user has current account, this to be shown as default option when paying
User Area File type and number to be included in subject line of communication alert email
Trade mark application Functionality for uploading figurative trade marks to be improved
eSearch plus Information on renewals to be included in detail view for designs
eSearch plus Improved options for replying to communications
User Area Information given in alerts to be improved – file numbers and better description of alert
User Area When user has opted out of eComms, eComm mailbox still to be displayed for reference purposes
User Area Letters relating to OHIM procedures to be sent electronically
eSearch plus If you log in while navigating the site, the system takes you back to the last page you were viewing
User Area Display a confirmation message after doing a change of name and address
User Area Restricted correspondence to be displayed in light grey in the Correspondence section
eSearch plus Two new action buttons to be added to the 'Actions and Communications' section
User Area Add the 'applicant reference' column to the Communications section table to be able to filter
User Area In the current account page, display the balance at every legal date
Design application Bulk upload of designs/views
eSearch plus Provide actions for International Registrations/International Applications under the 'Actions and communications' section
eSearch plus Produce a confirmation receipt when communications are submitted
Portal Open the website based on the browser's language
Other efilings Activate bulk selection of an owner's portfolio of trade marks and designs
Other efilings Activate online request for conversion
Other efilings Indicate mandatory field with an asterisk
eSearch plus Add the OHIM logo in the print outs of eSearch
User Area Add the option to download several communications at once
Trade mark application Figurative trade marks will be scaled to 250 x 250 pixels
Trade mark application Delete a full class at once from the list of goods and services
User Area Include a sign that indicates that an eCommunication has already been replied to
User Area Move eCommunications more quickly
eSearch plus If you collapse or expand a section in the detail view of a file it will remain the same way when you navigate back
eSearch plus To be able to search for an opposition file in eSearch plus as from the first page
User Area Send ecomm by email - possiblity to add several emails
User Area Add new help messages to guide users when they first sign up to OHIM's website
eSearch plus Add new log function in the eSearch plus alerts system so as to avoid errors in sending alerts
Trade mark application A new function has been added that allows multiple selection of terms (Goods & Services)
Other efilings Users can open the form in their own language, which encourages users to complete the opposition process electronically
Portal Users now must either choose both correspondence and legal addresses to be located within EU or both outside EU
Trade mark application Correspondence address inserted in the e-receipt instead of the legal one. Applicant information now appears complete in TM e-filing confirmation receipt
Other efilings Amended joint actions by sub-accounts, cooling-off requests and proof of use attachments in the client's order
User Area Create a log in eCommunications with the following information: date, action (eComm replied, eComm sent, etc.), account/subaccount triggering the action
User Area Improvements in alerts: include a link to the proceedings
eSearch plus Image recognition for figurative trade marks
List of improvements
Section Improvement planned Date Popularity
User Area Add opposition communications to the ‘Sent' tab in the eCommunications inbox -
eSearch plus eSearch app: perform searches from mobile devices April
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