IP Horizon 5.0 Conference

Alicante, 26-27 September 2019

Mapping opportunities and challenges for Intellectual Property in a globalised economy


On 26-27 September, the Office will hold the IP Horizon 5.0 Conference: Mapping opportunities and challenges in a globalised economy.

The conference is co-organised by the EUIPO and the prestigious San Francisco-based McCarthy Institute.

The event will cover issues at the forefront of Intellectual Property (IP), such as cutting-edge developments and artificial intelligence initiatives in the field of IP. Opportunities presented by global e-commerce and transformative technologies will also be discussed, together with the future of IP jobs.

The conference will bring together representatives from some of the leading IP offices in the world, international businesses, policy-makers, practitioners, academics and enforcement authorities for a two day event.

The conference is designed to encourage interactive discussion among participants about the questions that need to be considered in an ever changing global economy.

Distinguished experts from various walks of IP life will discuss a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Challenges of IP in a digital society
  • IP Policy initiatives
  • Cooperation in a globalised IP world
  • IP protection in e-commerce
  • Future of IP examination and asset evaluation
  • Transformative technologies in IP careers

The language of the conference is English.

Registration for the conference is now closed. Thank you for your interest.


For any additional information, please contact the conference team at iphorizon5.0@euipo.europa.eu




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Key speakers

by order of appearance in programme

Christian Archambeau
Executive Director, EUIPO
David Franklyn
Director of the McCarthy Institute and Professor of Law at Golden Gate University, San Francisco
Jorma Hanski
Chairperson of the Management Board of the EUIPO and representative of the Finnish EU Presidency
Francis Gurry
Director General, WIPO
Julio Laporta
Deputy Director of the Operations Department, EUIPO
Nathan Wajsman
Chief Economist, EU Observatory on Infringements of IP Rights, EUIPO
Piotr Stryszowski
Senior economist, Public Governance Directorate, OECD
Jan de Visser
Senior Director, Philips Intellectual Property & Standards
Isabella E. Fu
Associate General Counsel and Head of Patents, Microsoft Corporation
Angie Hankins
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center
Yutaka Hasegawa
VP, Head of Sony Design
Xinghao Wang
Global Director of Intellectual Property, Alibaba
Pavel Svoboda
Former Chairperson of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament
Peter Kovács
Head of Unit, Services and Investment, Intellectual Property and Public Procurement, European Commission
Shira Perlmutter
Chief Policy Officer and Director for International Affairs, USPTO
Tomoki Sawai
Director General, Patent and Design Examination Department, JPO
Amaryllis Verhoeven
Head of Unit, Intellectual Property and Fight Against Counterfeiting, European Commission
Paula Adamson
General Manager, Trade Marks and Designs Group, IP Australia
Michael Fröhlich
Director of European and International Legal Affairs, EPO
Dae Soon Jung
Director, International Education Division, KIPO
Juan Lozano
Director General, Mexican Institute of Industrial Property
João Negrão
Director of International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department, EUIPO
Daren Tang
Chief Executive, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
Paul Maier
Director of the EU Observatory on Infringements of IP Rights, EUIPO
José Checa
General Counsel, Brand & Marketing Properties, Nestlé
Daniel Dougherty
Senior Enforcement Director, Alibaba
Christopher Oldknow
Public Policy EMEA IP, Customer and Brand Trust, Amazon
Harrie Temmink
Deputy Head of Unit, Intellectual Property and Fight Against Counterfeiting, European Commission
Mary Wong
Senior Policy Director, ICANN
Hartmut Esslinger
Industrial designer; Founder of Frog Design; Winner of the 2018 DesignEuropa Lifetime Achievement Award
Russell Pangborn
Partner at Seed IP Law Group
Kathleen Cooney-Porter
Senior Trademark Advisor, USPTO
Ursula Schildt
Director, Digital Transformation Department, EUIPO
Kijoong Song
Deputy Director, Trademark Policy Division, KIPO
Takaaki Yamamoto
Member of the AI Project Team, JPO
James Nurton
Director, Lextel Partners
Manuel Desantes
Professor of Private International Law, University of Alicante
Mark Friedländer
Manager, Legal and Compliance Division, Toyota Motor Europe
Klaus Grabinski
Judge at the German Federal Court of Justice, Karlsruhe, Germany
Gordon Swartz
Dean, Edward S. Ageno School of Business, Golden Gate University
Daoming Zhang
Assistant Director, Illicit Markets, INTERPOL
Gordon Humphreys
Chairperson of the Fifth Board of Appeal, EUIPO
Théophile Margellos
President of the Boards of Appeal, EUIPO
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