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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


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International cooperation


For EU industry, intellectual property is a major success factor in the international marketplace.

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Improved IP protection systems overseas can offer European companies new business opportunities. The EUIPO, together with the national intellectual property (IP) offices of the European Union (EU), is working with international partners outside the EU in an effort to strengthen IP protection systems, with the aim of eventually achieving convergence of practices with other fast-growing economies.

The key elements of this cooperation are exchange of knowledge, the creation of common IT platforms and support for EU users on registration and enforcement overseas, in cooperation with the EU Member States and the EU Delegations.

Our objective is to contribute to the EU's policies in the field of IP, so that European businesses can count on tools and practices that facilitate their access to emerging markets.

With the strong involvement of the EU's IP offices via the European Trade Mark and Design Network and the European Commission, we actively cooperate with our international partners in order to:

  • Offer common trade mark and design information and classification tools, like TMview, Designview and TMclass.
  • Capitalise on both our own expertise in IP practices and that of our partners of the European Trade Mark and Design Network.
  • Become leading players in the worldwide convergence stream that the Network is promoting in the IP field.

Our cooperation activities are essentially two-fold:

  • Assisting EU candidate countries in adapting to the EU's IP rights systems.
  • Engaging with countries outside the EU to foster common tools and practices in IP.

EU-funded projects

For EU companies doing business outside the borders of the Union, being able to access and secure their IP rights is a key strategic advantage, particularly for SMEs. The EUIPO's Strategic Plan  underlines the importance of the Office's continuing activities to strengthen intellectual property rights protection outside the EU.

The EUIPO has become the Implementing Agency for four EU-funded projects in non-EU countries. Three projects – in China, the ASEAN region and India – are currently developing and implementing activities linked to their funding mandate, while the project in Russia has reached its closing phase, focusing on the consolidation of results. Through these projects, the Office has carried out more than 200 activities with its partners.

The IP Key project focuses on facilitating development of an intellectual property rights framework in China that is increasingly effective, fair, transparent and based on international best practice. The project acts as a platform for cooperation and acts as a bridge between EU and Chinese agencies to create an IP landscape that benefits both Chinese and EU industry operating in China. Read more about the project here.

The ECAP III project aims to support ASEAN regional integration, and further harmonise the systems for IP creation, protection, administration and enforcement in the ASEAN region. Among its achievements, the project has integrated ASEAN member states into the ASEAN TMview, TMclass and DesignView databases. An ASEAN-specific portal for each of the databases has been set up, providing trade mark and design data available in Indonesian, Khmer, Lao, Myanmar, Thai and Vietnamese. This provides easy to access trade mark and design data direct to users of the trade mark and design system in the ASEAN member states.

In addition, some IP offices in ASEAN member states have incorporated their data into TMview, TMClass and DesignView.

Read more about the ECAP III project here.

The IPC-EUI project aims to enhance the capacity of India's IP administrators to adequately meet business needs in line with international standards and to enhance the capacity of India's productive sector to create, protect and manage its own brands by using IP as a tool for development. Read more about the project here.

On May 27, the European Commission published its annual programme of projects to be funded under the Partnership Instrument, which is a fund that supports EU projects outside the borders of the Union. The EUIPO has been proposed as the implementing agency for the three projects focused on intellectual property; in China, the ASEAN region and Latin America. The implementation is expected to start in 2017.


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