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How to manage, create and edit terms in my list

This section is designed so that you can easily manage and edit the terms in your list.

On the left-hand side of the screen you will see the tabs Actions and Add terms, which you can use to create your list of terms and access Fast Track. If  you enter a term more than once, the duplicates will be deleted by the system

  • Actions

    Click on 'New' to create a new list of terms. In this first step you need to select the preferred language for your list, which can be one of the 23 EU languages, and give your list a name.

    Click on 'Download' to download your list into an external document on your computer. From the pop-up box select your preferred format (.txt or .csv) for the download and where you want to view it on your computer.

    Click on Save to save the selected lists of good and services in your User Administrator Area. Please note that the auto save feature runs every 10 minutes.

    Why do you need to be logged in?
    As your list is saved only in your User Area, you need to be logged in to Save or Duplicate your list.

    The system will alert you about the non-available feature for non-logged in users with the pop-up message, ‘This feature is only available for registered users. Please log in to continue’.

    Moreover, the system will also warn you about losing data, ‘Note that you are going to lose all the information of your previous list. In order to keep your work safe, we recommend you download your current list and then reimport to recover your work.’

    to create a copy of your list select Duplicate. In the pop-up box enter a new name in the field New List Name. Please note that in order to create a Duplicate you need to save the list first

    you can translate your list into one of the 23 EU languages. First, you need to specify the language that you want to use from the drop-down list; then, specify where you would like to save the translation on your computer

    Export to e-filing
    Select this if you want to export a G&S list to e-filing. The system will show you the options available. Once you have selected your option, the new e-filing will retrieve your list.

    Import a file with the list of G&S
    The file you upload must have the same language as your list. The accepted file formats are TXT, CSV and XLS.

  • Add terms

    This tab allows you to add a specific term to your list manually. You can either select the class and type in the goods, separated by semi-colons (;), or you can add your own list of goods and services by selecting a class and pasting the list into the text field.

    Once you have added your terms to the list, or the list itself, click on 'OK' and the validation will start running.

    This allows you to type your terms in the search box, navigate all the existing goods and services in the HDB and select your preferred options.

    If you have created a list of good and services already and you want to import it, first you need to select the file from your computer and then click on OK => Run validation => Display list (validated).

    When uploading a file into your Builder application you need to take two important details into consideration:

    1. The file you want to upload needs to be in the same language as the language you selected originally to create your list.
    2. The accepted formats for your list are either txt. or csv. If you choose otherwise, you will get a series of error messages telling you that your files are not in the required format (see above).

    Class 35 & 37 Assistant
    You can auto-generate your own Class 35 and Class 37 in a straightforward way based on your previously selected terms.

    If you need to connect your term with one of these services – retail, maintenance and repair, installation or wholesale, this tool will help you auto-generate new terms that are compatible with both Class 35 and Class 37.

    1. First, choose the new class you want to auto-generate and then select the service.
    2. Select from which of your used classes you want to start the auto-generation or browse the HDB.
      The system will let you know if your classes are compatible with Classes 35 & 37.
    3. Click 'OK' to view your generated list.
  • The Builder’s Features

    Edit term
    When you hover over a term the Edit icon appears, which you can do manually.

    Move term
    You can change the order of the terms in your list by clicking on the empty part of the term and dragging it to your preferred location.

    View term pathway in the HDB
    Use this feature to see the path of your goods and services selection via the taxonomy in the HDB.

    Check against other databases
    use this to check whether your term is already in other available lists or databases. Please note that the results of this check are only for informative purposes and, because they are not administrated by us, the accuracy of other sources cannot be guaranteed

    Class heading auto-detect
    while populating your list, the system can automatically detect if you are using Class headings and will offer you equivalent terms without losing any scope. You can choose to accept or reject these changes

    Filter views
    This option helps you work on your list by filtering your terms depending on the validation (green, orange, black and red).

  • Valid characters
    Name Character Example
    Letters a -z A-Z Parts and fittings for vehicles
    Numbers 0 - 9 MP3 players
    Dash - (asci code 045) Non-alcoholic beverages
    Angle brackets < > Airsoft guns> 0.5 Joule
    Slash / Video players/recorders
    Asterisk * Clothing*
    Curved brackets ( ) Training handbooks (manuals)
    Curly brackets { } Cranks{parts of machines}
    Square brackets [ ] Enamels [varnishes]
    Colon : (ascii code 058) Services relating to: electrical and electronic circuits, components
    Comma , Corn flour, maltose
    Single quote '(ascii code 039) Painters' brushes
    Semi-colon (non accepted in Greek) ; (ascii code 059) Nuclear reactors; Molding preparations
    Middle dot (only accepted in Greek) · (ascii code 250) Καρυκεύματα· Μαγειρικά βότανα
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