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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


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Old Guidelines - Community trade mark

Here you may consult the old guidelines of the Office. They serve purely consultation purposes showing the practice of the Office when they were adopted.

The current practice on Community trade mark is available under the page ‘Current Trade Mark Practice' which combines the parts of the new Guidelines which have been adopted by the President on 04/12/2013 and, for the remaining parts, the Manual.

Guidelines concerning proceedings before the OHIM

List of guidelines with regard to the Regulation on the Community trade mark
Part A: General Provisions
Part A: General Provisions
Part A, Section 6: Restitutio In Integrum
Part B: Examination
Part B: Examination
Part C: Opposition
Part 0: Introduction
Part 1: Procedural Matters
Part 2, Chapter 1: Identity
Part 2, Chapter 2: A. General remarks
Part 2, Chapter 2: B. Similarity of Goods and Services
Part 2, Chapter 2: C. Similarity of Signs
Part 2, Chapter 2: D. Global Assessment
Part 3: Trade mark filed by an agent (Art. 8 (3) CTMR)
Part 4: Non-registered rights (Art. 8 (4) CTMR)
Part 5: Trade marks with reputation (Art. 8 (5) CTMR)
Part 6: Proof of Use
Part 7: Transitional Rules (Enlargement)
Part D
Part D, Section 2: Cancellation proceedings, substantive provisions
Part E
Part E, Section 2: Conversion
Part E, Section 3: Changes in an application or registration
Part E, Section 4: Transfer
Part E, Section 5: Licenses
Part E, Section 7: Inspection of Files
Part E, Section 8: Interlocutory Revision
Part M: International Marks
Part M: International Marks
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