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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


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Call for proposals GR/001/17

Support for awareness raising activities about the value of Intellectual Property and the damages of counterfeiting and piracy

Only applications corresponding to at least one of three lots below will be considered.

  • Lot 1: Reaching children through educational activities for schools
  • Lot 2: Reaching to younger generation and citizen
  • Lot 3: Reaching policy makers and opinion leaders through conferences and fora

The Call for proposals includes three different pack of documents

  1. The Call notice (short version of the call for proposals) published in the Official Journal in all EU official languages
  2. The Call for proposals – Guidelines for applicants containing the Priorities, Administrative and Financial information (published only in English)
  3. Annexes of the Guidelines for applicants including the application package (published only in English)


1. Call notice

Call notice GR/001/17 as published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 28/07/2017:

Download PDF

This call has been published in the Official Journal with the wrong title heading (see below corrigendum). The title heading should read:


Corrigendum to the call notice GR/001/17 as published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 03/08/2017:

Download PDF

2. Call for proposals

Below you will find the full text of the call for proposals with instructions on how to submit a proposal.


3. Application package:

Below you will find all the templates you need to submit a call for proposals

Annexes A to D are compulsory to be attached to the e-Form.
If partners declared Annex E is also compulsory to be attached to the e-Form.


4. Electronic Application Forms – e-Forms:

Call reference Electronic application Version Released on
GR/001/17 Application e-Form 1,0 28/07/2017


The e-Form is available only in English. The applicant can start the process of creation of the e-Form using the following document: e-Form User Guide
We strongly advise applicants not to wait until the last moment for submitting their on-line application.

After the deadline for submission of applications ends, the online application system will be closed.

As an Applicant, please:

  • read the call for proposals carefully before to start completing your application
  • complete the relevant templates of the application package
  • use the official e-Form. Please fill in the e-Form by referring to the User Guide and don’t forget to also upload the compulsory annexes.
  • submit your application online before the specified deadline. You should receive a confirmation email.
  • save and view your application to which you have applied on your local computer


Technical issues:

If, after referring to the e-Form User Guide you still have a question and/or if you experience a technical problem when submitting your application, please contact directly the mailbox: grants@euipo.europa.eu

5. Questions & answers

Replies to your questions will be published in this section. Therefore, we recommend you to check frequently whether any new information/document is posted.

As indicated in the call,

  • the last date for requesting clarifications from the Office is 15/09/2017.
  • the last date on which clarifications are issued by the Office is 19/09/2017.

Questions & answers (click on the question to expand the answer underneath) Date
According to the budget plan of the call, it is estimated that the Office will co-finance at least 6 projects under lots 1 & 2 each and 5 projects under lot 3. However, the Office reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available.
The annexes referred to in the model of grant agreement will be available after signature of the grant agreements with the selected applicants. Nevertheless the model of budget form (available in the application package) to be submitted at the application stage is very similar to the final report. As example, you may consult the final report templates of the call for proposals 2015 as information only because the contractual documents may vary from a call to another one.
Le persone fisiche non possono presentare domanda di partecipazione. Per essere considerati ammissibili al presente invito i candidati devono: essere persone giuridiche, pubbliche o private registrati in uno dei ventotto Stati membri dell’UE e fornire prove di registrazione rilasciate dal loro paese atte a certificare che il candidato in questione è regolarmente stabilito e registrato da oltre due anni. Quindi, se la vostra ditta individuale è considerata come una società privata come persone giuridiche, questa può presentare domanda di partecipazione alla gara d’appalto.
En este momento, lamentablemente no sabemos aún si existirá una convocatoria similar en 2019, por lo que no podemos ofrecerle esta información. En cuanto a la respuesta por parte de los jóvenes, solo podemos remitirle al Compendium público en el que encontrará información sobre las iniciativas. Le invitamos también a que lea los resultados del último estudio recientemente publicado IP Perception Study en el que justamente aparecen diferentes aspectos de la respuesta de los jóvenes Europeos en relación a la propiedad intelectual. También le puede resultar interesante la lectura del estudio Youth Scoreboard publicado en 2016 que se centra exclusivamente en el comportamiento de la juventud Europea relativo a diferentes aspectos de la propiedad intelectual.
1) An applicant may submit more than one proposal, but is not entitled to receive more than one grant by lot under this Call. The applicant may take part in other projects as partner. A project is to be submitted only once and will be rejected if submitted also by another associated partner.
2) The applicant has to fulfil eligibility criteria, in this case the entity applying has to be correctly established and registered for more than 2 years in one of the 28 EU Member States on the date of the deadline for submission. When submitting the application, the applicant must provide evidence from their country of registration demonstrating their existence as a legal entity for more than 2 years.
As stated in point 8.2.3 of the Guideline for applicants, the type of eligible activities which may be financed under the call for the different lots is non-exhaustive and therefore opened to other suggestions. However, when referring to international conferences in the EU context, this refers to international conferences taking place in the EU space.

As stated in point 4 of the Guideline for applicants, the event(s) should include the participation of private and public sector and/or civil society and should be complementary to Observatory activities, not intending to overlap Observatory existing or planned events as mentioned in the Observatory work programmes. The substance and content of the event(s) should be aligned with the objectives of the Observatory and with the European Commission’s general objective on IP protection and enforcement.

Participants should not be exclusively from the Member State where the action is taking place. At least one third of participants and speakers should be from a different Member State where the action is taking place. This means that if the event takes place in Italy, at least one third of participants and speakers should be from a different MS than Italy.

EUIPO/Observatory should have a prominent slot or presence in the agenda to present/discuss its research, data and activities, integrating IP and IP infringement topics and attracting significant media exposure.

There is no limitation in the number of associated partners or geographic limits that an applicant can be associated with.

In regards to KPIs, the results of the project under this lot should be measured by:
o The number of people directly (in the event) and indirectly reached (media, social media, other dissemination tools);
o Number of policy makers and opinion leaders engaged;
o Level of engagement of the policy makers, opinion leaders, politicians measured by intention for action, initiatives, announcement and follow-up IP related steps and actions to be taken. The list of participants should be shared with the Office before the event.

Interviews with key policy makers, opinion leaders and politicians may be requested before, during and after the event for EUIPO use. The beneficiary will need to include a quantitative and qualitative estimation of the
results’ expectations.
1) The co-financing contribution of at least 20% must come from other funding sources other than the Office grant. This contribution can be provided by the applicant/beneficiary in whole or may come from associated partners (if applicable) or from public or private sources. It will be evaluated against the total expenditures of the budget, regardless of the nature and amount of items included (not limited to staff costs).

2) As indicated in the call under section 10.2.a, the grant for lot 2 is limited to a maximum co-financing rate of 80% of eligible costs and to the maximum grant amount of 60.000 EUR.

Please find below concrete examples:
- In the case that you present a budget for your project of 75.000 € the maximum grant amount representing 80% is of 60.000 EUR which is the maximum amount than can be awarded for such lot.
- In the case that you present a budget for your project of 90.000 € the maximum grant amount representing 80% is of 72.000 EUR. However, as the maximum amount that can be awarded for such lot is limited to 60.000 EUR, the grant amount will be of 60.000 EUR.
- In the case that you present a budget for your project of 50.000 € the maximum grant amount representing 80% is of 40.000 EUR which is the maximum amount than can be awarded for this lot being below the limit of 60.000 EUR.
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