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Protect your intellectual property in the European Union

Fees and their Payment


For the registration of an EU trade mark, an application has to be filed. There is a unique fee to be paid per application.
The fee amount depends on:
  • whether it is filed by electronic means;
  • whether it is an individual EU trade mark, EU collective or an EU certification mark;
  • how many classes of goods and/or services are covered in your application (usually there are two fees to consider: the basic fee and the class fee).
You can find more information about the fees structure in the fees and payments section on the website. You can also calculate the exact fee depending on the number of classes and filing method of your application by using the fee calculator.
The basic fee and, where appropriate, class fees, must be paid within 1 month of the filing of the application to keep the provisional filing date. Where the fee is not paid within 1 month, the provisional filing date will be lost.

A filing date is accorded where the application fulfils the following requirements:
  • the application fee has been paid;
  • the application is a request for the registration of an EUTM;
  • the application contains information to identify the applicant;
  • the application contains a representation of the trade mark;
  • the application contains a list of goods/services.
If any of the above requirements are not met, a deficiency letter will be sent, requesting that the applicant provide the missing item within 2 months of the notification of the deficiency letter. This time limit is not extendable. The filing date will be changed to the date on which all mandatory information is complete, including the payment.

For further explanation consult the Guidelines, Part A, General Rules, Section 3, Payment of Fees, Costs and Charges.

The admissible means of payment are, in most cases, bank transfers, debits from the current accounts held at the Office, and (for certain online services only) debit or credit cards.
If you file an application electronically, payment by credit or debit card is the recommended method for most users, unless they are regular or frequent users of the EU trade mark system, then it is recommended to open a current account.
If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please use the transaction banking code supplied in the receipt. Alternatively, you can use the prepared form to be taken to your bank.
Please consult the payment methods in the fees and payments section on our website.

It can be done online on by downloading and filling out the form.

There is a minimum deposit of EUR 1 000. See the advantages of registering for the Key User Programme and the User Area section for further details on how to proceed.
See also the Decision No EX‑21-5 of the Executive Director of the Office of 18/09/2017 concerning methods of payment of fees and charges and determining the insignificant amount of fees and charges.

The main advantage of the current account system is that you will be able to file applications and requests that are subject to time limits, such as oppositions or appeals, on the very last day of the time limit. As a result, provided that the current account has sufficient funds, the payment will be deemed to have been made on that day.
As a general rule the payment date will be that of the reception of the debit request, even if the current account is debited at a later stage.
The Office strongly recommends frequent users to open an account at the EUIPO.

Please consult the advantages of registering for the Key User Programme.

By default, if you are a current account user, your account will be debited immediately, via ‘Debit now’. If you prefer not to pay until the end of the 1‑month period given, you should tick the ‘Debit later’ box. If you have already submitted your application, use the ‘Debit now request’ (current account holders only) action in electronic communications, indicating the application number and requesting an immediate debit from your current account.

One month from the date you filed the application.

However, the examiners will deal with the applications and their related communications only when the fee has been paid. If the basic fee is not paid within 1 month from the date the Office received the application, the provisional filing date will be lost.

For more information, see the Guidelines Part A, General Rules, Section 1, Means of Communication, Time Limits.
Further information regarding time limits and deadlines.

No, but the filing date will no longer be the date of receipt of your application; instead it will be the date of receipt of the payment.

No, the file will be closed and you have to resend an entirely new application.

No, the EU trade mark fee falls due with the application and no fee that has become due will be refunded.
For more information concerning the refund of fees, see the Guidelines, Part A, General Rules, Section 3, Payment of Fees, Costs and Charges.

If you include an additional list, whether it is as an attachment to the online application or sent on the same day by fax, you will receive a notification in writing asking you to pay the paper fee (+EUR 150). The additional list of goods and services will therefore be considered as not filed until this ‘paper fee’ is paid. This is especially significant for filers that do not select or include any goods and services in their online application, as they could lose the filing date of their trade mark altogether.
If payment of the ‘paper fee’ (+EUR 150) is made within 1 month of the filing of the application, the initial filing date will be kept. If, however, this payment is made at a later date but still within the 2‑month time limit set in the notification, the filing date will change to the day on which the full fee is paid.
The EUIPO strongly recommends that applicants insert their goods and services in the designated field of the online application form. Not doing so will result in additional costs, as well as a deficiency that will slow down the processing of your trade mark. It could also result in a change to your application’s filing date. The Goods and Services builder can help you in the creation of your list.

For more information concerning trade mark fees, please consult our fees and payments section.

The questions and answers provided on this page serve a purely informative purpose and are not a legal point of reference. Please consult the European Union Trade mark and Community Design Regulations or Trade mark / Design Guidelines for further details.

For more information about how the Office handles your personal data, please consult the Data protection notice.

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