EUIPO Service Charter

The EUIPO Service Charter describes the level of service excellence we aim to deliver.

The Service Charter is a commitment established in the EUIPO Work Programme. It measures the Office performance against three standards: timeliness, accessibility and quality of decisions. The Office publishes its performance on a quarterly basis and revises its standards annually to reflect users’ feedback.

In the Service Charter, the performance of the timeliness graphs indicates the maximum time to deliver the specific product. The commitment levels are represented by different colours: red means that actions are needed to get the performance back on track; blue means that the Office is complying with the expected performance level; and green means that the Office is achieving the excellence level. Furthermore, for the timeliness indicators, the average time to deliver the specific product is published for information purposes.

This is a graphic representation of the performance and targets evolution of the most important indicators in the Service Charter, grouped by product. To review all indicators, historical data, and actions taken to improve the quality of EUIPO products and services please check the Service Charter Detail Report.

Page last updated 28-10-2020