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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union


Design definition

Design is an art and a science, it forms our homes and our workplace, and it is all around us, wherever we are. Design is the surface of the man-made environment.

In business, design is crucial for success. Great design focuses on the user, combines aesthetic, economic and practical values and is the way your customers identify innovative brilliance. In Europe, there is a recognised need to encourage European designers and European businesses to develop their design strategies.

A design is a practical way to define and protect your innovation. A design is a company asset that can be traded or used as collateral, that rewards your creative effort, that acts as your IP signature.

Designs are well defined in the European Union.

'The appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation'.

Article 3 of the Design Regulation

Examples of designs

Almost any industrial or handicraft item can be eligible for design protection (except for computer programs)

Search for an example of packaging of products

Packaging of products

RCD 000785522-0001
Search for an example of a product / set of products

A product / set of products

RCD 000465679-0016
Search for an example of composite products

Composite products

RCD 000408166-0001
Search for an example of parts of products

Parts of products

RCD 229752-0001

Search for an example of computer icons

Computer icons

RCD 000600184-0008
Search for an example of drawings and artwork

Drawings and artwork

RCD 000569868-0001

The Intellectual Property Metro: designers often re-create ideas to make something new, useful and unique. Download this map – it will help you register your rights.

An adaptation of the metro map concept representing the timelines of the different Intellectual property processes
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