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Protect your trade marks and designs in the European Union

Protect your intellectual property in the European Union



When choosing a mark, remember that you will be living together for a long time and that your brand will grow over time. Choose carefully, because a trade mark is the legal embodiment of everything your brand stands for.


Garage brands

Great brands start small. If you've got an idea and you're serious about a business, you need a plan. You also need a trade mark and should think about ways to protect and capitalise on your innovations.


Trade marks multitask

It takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand

David Ogilvy

All the value of a brand – its philosophy, its values, its know-how, its staff, its products, its intangible assets – is encapsulated in one symbol: its trade mark.

Trade marks capture the essence of brands and the energy, investment and know-how that goes into them. If you're serious about your brand, you must develop your own trade mark.



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