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April 02, 2020 EU Intellectual Property Network

Launch of improved TMview and DesignView


The EUIPO has launched improved versions of TMview and DesignView, the world’s largest free trade mark and design search engines.

With a completely redesigned and user-friendly interface, the new TMview and DesignView provide a greatly enhanced navigation and search experience.

The new version of the tools has been released following a beta testing period, during which user feedback was collected and guided further enhancements.

As part of the improvements, a wide set of search criteria is available in both tools and can be fine-tuned for a quicker and more efficient search. Previous searches can also be accessed directly from the home page in both TMview and DesignView.

The tools also offer the possibility for logged in users to set alerts when changes are made to specific trade marks and designs. Additionally, the saved preferences of logged in users remain available in the new versions of TMview and DesignView.

The new tools also allows users to select and compare trade marks and designs side by side. Users can also easily export search results to PDF, Excel and Word formats

The quality of data available through TMview and DesignView has also been significantly improved for the benefit of users.


Click here for quick tips on how to use the new version of TMview Click here for quick tips on how to use the new version of DesignView


These improvements are the result of the EUIPO’s European Cooperation activity, in particular the ‘ECP2: Major Improvements on TMview and DesignView’ project, and have been developed in close collaboration with experts from national and regional intellectual property offices of the EU and user associations. Moreover, cooperation will continue and new features will be gradually added to both tools.

TMview was first launched in 2010, and now contains over 55 million trade marks from 70 participating offices. Its sister tool, DesignView, was born in 2012, and currently contains over 15 million designs from 66 offices. Both tools are available in 38 different languages, and the EUIPO continues expanding the number of offices integrated into TMview and DesignView.
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