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September 26, 2016 news_website

New features of our recordal forms

We have introduced several functional improvements to our online recordal forms as well as a new form for seniority cancellations. Users can also pay by credit card when submitting a total transfer for a Registered Community design.

The new features of recordals are the following:

  • total transfer
  • partial transfer
  • seniority claim
  • NEW seniority cancellation
  • change of representative.

New search option in total and partial transfers, seniority claim, seniority cancellation and change of representative

We have added a new tab ‘Other EUTM’s’ so that you can search for other owner’s rights, and not just for the trade marks you own or represent.

In this tab there are three search options: EUTM/RCD, Owner and Representative.

New online form for seniority cancellation

You can now request a seniority cancellation for trade marks that you own or represent.

The existing seniorities of the EU trade mark will be shown automatically in the ‘Details’ section of the form; you just need to mark the ones that should be cancelled.

Pay for the total transfer of your Registered Community design by credit card

Along with the current account and bank transfer options, our improved online form includes the option to pay by credit card.


Want to know more about the changes to our recordal applications?

Tune in to our recordal webinar on October 25 from 11.15 to 11.45 CET.

Check out the new recordal features.

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