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Februar 06, 2020 Europäisches Netzwerk für Marken und Geschmacksmuster

Improved DesignView launched in beta


An improved beta version of DesignView is now available alongside the original interface, as part of a planned improvement to the tool, which offers free design search from 66 participating offices.

The new version features a completely redesigned interface, allowing for an enhanced navigation and search experience. In addition, the tool has a significantly improved search results display.

DesignView was launched in 2012, and currently contains nearly 15 million designs. The new version follows the beta release of its sister tool, TMview beta, in October 2019.

As part of the improvements, DesignView beta has a wide set of search criteria which can be personalised and fine-tuned for a quicker and more efficient search. Previous searches can also be accessed directly from the home page.

It also allows two or more designs to be selected and placed side by side for comparison purposes. Users can also easily export search results to PDF, Excel and Word formats

The improvements are a core part of EUIPO’s European Cooperation activity in the framework of its Strategic Plan 2020, and have been developed in close collaboration with experts from national and regional intellectual property offices of the EU and user associations. The quality of data available through TMview and DesignView has also been improved and a data inspection and correction mechanism has been put in place to address any inconsistencies.

DesignView beta is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. All users are invited to send their feedback by clicking on the option ‘Your feedback’ at the bottom of the page. Contributions will be greatly welcomed by the development team as they will help to further improve the tool for the benefit of users.

For legal purposes, the original version of DesignView is still considered to be the valid source of information when extracting documentation to present before EUIPO for earlier design substantiation.

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