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august 26, 2021 Læring

Tuesday webinar - Esport: The IP rules of the game


Some may still debate whether esports can actually be considered sport, but that doesn’t seem to have affected the spectacular growth of competitive video gaming. Esports are played in teams, competing in international tournaments on different video games for millions of fans.

But what are the different actors in the esport arena? What rights are involved, and how are they managed? This webinar will explore these questions from the perspective of video game publishers, event organisers, broadcasters, and streaming services, as well as amateur and professional players. Legal experts and practitioners in the field will share their experiences to help you fully understand the IP rules of the game.

Participants will learn about the various rights involved in esports. First, the economics of esports will be explained as well as taking a look at the different actors involved. Then, we will go on to take a closer look at some of the legal aspects of their activities, not only with regard to IP but also with regard to how the image of the sector is promoted, or how the labour rights of gamers are protected and regulated.

  • Register here and join us on Tuesday 7 September at 10.00 (CEST).

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