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říjen 28, 2015 Duševní vlastnictví pro podniky

Bilijardai has got the ball rolling

Billiards has a long and rich history since it was first invented in the 15th century, and there are many different types of cue games played on different kinds of tables all over the world.

Bilijardai JSC is a Lithuanian company based in Kaunas that has been producing all sorts of traditional and innovative billiard and pool tables since 1994.


At one point, one of their most popular table designs was copied and they started to register their tables as Registered Community Designs (RCDs), following advice from the Enterprise Europe Network.


When travelling to the Baltic countries, we took the opportunity to visit them to see the use this company was making of their intellectual property assets.

What do you think, are they keeping an eye on the ball or not?

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