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květen 08, 2015 Duševní vlastnictví pro podniky

Laser science to uncover counterfeits: how a small business in Vilnius is using its IP

Traditionally, Vilnius is home to laser science and it is a guiding lighthouse for laser technology in the European Union and beyond.

Some of the lasers created in this company are so small that you could use them to write your name on a hair. One use for these micro inscriptions is to make it easier to tell the difference between counterfeit and original goods.

The creator of this laser is Workshop of Photonics, part of the Altechna Company group and one of the leading lights of the laser industry. Workshop of Photonics specialises in developing laser micromachining solutions for both industry and science.

An OHIM delegation made a short visit to this SME to find out more about the use it is making of its IPRs that include trade marks, patents, licenses, etc.

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