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Юни 20, 2016 news_website

Our first mobile and tablet app: eSearch plus ‘on the go'

With this new app you can perform searches of our databases of trade marks, designs, owners and representatives from anywhere.

This week we have launched our first native application for both smartphones and tablets. Our eSearch plus app is available for download from the Apple store itunes and the Android App store.

At EUIPO we are working to provide better clearance solutions for our users. In 2013 we merged our two databases for trade marks and designs into a single search tool, eSearch plus, we then complemented it with data on owners, representatives and the Bulletin. In 2015 we released a new feature to search for images with a quick and simple drag-and-drop function. Now we are moving into mobile applications so that our users can search for trade marks and designs from anywhere.

Why an app?
While we are proud of our responsive website, which adapts the page layout to mobile devices, the volume of users who access our website and applications with their phones and tablets is growing, and we wanted to offer a remote solution for the most common searches.

How does it work?
It has a very simple interface. With a smartphone you can access the basic search function, enter your term in the search field and press search. Then swipe down to browse the search results and tap on the magnifying glass icon to perform a new search. With a tablet you can access both the basic and advanced search function which combines close to 40 criteria.

The app is also a great platform with its access to our news section for you to view the latest news, webinars, training and new and improved online services at the EUIPO.

Try it now

google play App-store

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