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Септември 23, 2020 Европейска мрежа на марките и дизайните

European Cooperation: Enhanced back office in the Greek Trademark Office (GGE)


The Greek Trademark Office (GGE), with the support of the EUIPO’s European Cooperation Projects, has implemented several functional enhancements to its Back Office tool.

The upgrade, which took place on 9 September 2020, is designed to enhance user experience by simplifying back office communications, letters and search functionalities in order to increase efficiency and operational effectiveness when using the system.

The GGE improvements come as a result of the work carried out by the EUIPO and its partners in the framework of the European Cooperation Projects and, in particular, the ECP2 Back Office subproject and ECP1 project which, respectively, develop improvements for software package Back Office and support the implementation of those improvements in EU IP offices.


Tag: #ipnetwork

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