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Февруари 24, 2021 - Главно

IP pre-diagnostic (IP Scan) training session

On 24-26 February, 120 intellectual property experts from across the EU will follow the online IP pre-diagnostic (IP Scan) training session organised by the EUIPO as part of the SME Fund initiative which offers financial support to European SMEs....

Декември 18, 2020 - Главно

UK representatives – Brexit

In the context of the end of the transition period (1 January 2021), UK-based representatives who lose their capacity to act before EUIPO are reminded that they should make a local copy of their communications and any other relevant data which is currently held in their own User Area within the EUIPO website....

Декември 17, 2020 - Главно

Report on the EU internal market enforcement of intellectual property rights

Following last year’s publication of the report on the EU enforcement of intellectual property rights at EU borders and in Member States with results of 2013-2017, the EUIPO is now publishing a new report based on the analysis of the 2019 data on detentions in the national markets, reported through the IP Enforcement Portal by the enforcement authorities of 25 different Member States. ...

Декември 16, 2020 - Главно

EUIPO User Group meets virtually

On 16 December, the Office hosted an informative session with 13 representatives from 10 user associations of the EUIPO User Group: Online Informative Session on Enhancing User Experience of Tools and Procedures....

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