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Февруари 07, 2019 Главно

Reminder: Strategic Plan 2025 stakeholder consultation

The EUIPO has called upon all stakeholders to help guide the Office’s strategic priorities up until 2025.

The Strategic Plan 2025 consultation is open until Thursday, 28 February 2019.

Your contribution is highly valued. Please play a part in shaping the future of the EUIPO by filling in this form and sending it to SP2025@euipo.europa.eu.

An important aim of the EUIPO Strategic Plan 2025 (SP2025) will be to help companies to gain full benefit from their innovation and creativity, whether in Europe or the global marketplace, having regard to technological advances shaping business models.

Three strategic drivers are provided to support an effective consultation process: 

  • Strategic Driver 1: Interconnected, Effective and Reliable IP System
  • Strategic Driver 2: Customer Centric IP Services
  • Strategic Driver 3: Dynamic Organisational Skillsets and Effective Support to Operations

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