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Current designs practice

On this page you will find the EUIPO's current design practice reflected in a series of Guidelines that are intended to help both our users and our staff in charge of the various procedures.

The EUIPO Guidelines are the main point of reference for users of the Community design system and professional advisers who want to make sure they have the latest information on our examination practices.

They have been drawn up to reflect our Office practice in the most frequent scenarios. They contain general instructions, which have to be adapted to the particularities of a case. They are not legislative texts and, therefore, they are not binding.

The table below presents the Guidelines adopted by the Executive Director on 22/09/2017 (Decision N° EX-17-1), which entered into force on 01/10/2017.

All these texts can be accessed in the five working languages of the Office (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian), through either clean or track-changed versions. All changes made since the last text adopted appear in another colour so our users can easily see what has been updated.

The Office issues a revision of the Guidelines on a yearly basis.

The current guidelines are only available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. For the time being, only the sets of Guidelines that entered into force in 2014 are available in the other EU languages. In the first half of 2018, the last version of the Guidelines adopted, as shown below, will be made available in all EU languages.

Additionally, when some documents have been modified since the adoption of the decisions because a change of practice entered into force, they can be found under the column ‘Most recent changes'.

For previous versions of the Guidelines, please follow the links at the bottom of this page.

Раздели Дата на влизане в сила Версия в режим на проследяване на промените (в сравнение с версията, която влезе в сила през 2015 г.)
Бележка на редактора и общо въведение 01.08.2014  
Проверка на заявки за регистрирани дизайни на Общността 01.08.2014 PDF

Подновяване на регистрирани дизайни на Общността

01.08.2014 PDF
Проверка на заявки за обявяване на недействителност на дизайни             01.02.2014  

За други елементи на процедурата, неконкретно описани за дизайни, направете справка в съответните раздели на настоящата практика за РМО (Част A: Общи правила).



Previous versions

Date of entry into force

1, 2017


2, 2016


Legal Reform


1, 2016


2, 2015


1, 2015


2, 2014


1, 2014


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