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Winner: Small and Emerging Companies Award

Air.Go 2.0

Airport bag drop system

RCD owner and manufacturer: Marcus P Holding / Marcus Pedersen ApS

Designer: Sara Clement

RCD Number: 003362748 - 0001

Air.Go 2.0 is a fully automatic self-service bag drop solution, which helps airports remove queues in the check-in area.

The DesignEuropa Awards jury highlighted the design of the product as “catering to a user need and solving a problem,” and underlined how the design merged with its environment, for the benefit of the end user.

The Air.Go 2.0 has been designed to be as accessible and easy to use as possible, including for wheelchair users, and is currently installed in several airports around the world, including Toronto Pearson and Hamburg. .It is a modular system, which means it can be customised by individual airports depending on their needs or layout.

Marcus Pedersen ApS is a Danish design company which has its historical roots in furniture making, and is now a manufacturer of solutions and public space furnishings for airports. All its products are manufactured within a short distance from its headquarters, in an airport terminal in the city of Nørresundby, in line with its sustainability policy.




Air.Go 2.0

Marcus Pedersen


Braster System





Nico Less

Nico Less



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