PES Talent Bank

The Pan-European Seal Talent Bank (PES Talent Bank) is a new initiative within the framework of the Pan-European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme that puts together interested EU and international organisations, academic institutions, law firms and companies offering top quality traineeships and/or job opportunities with former Pan-European Seal trainees in their field of expertise (IP, finance, IT, consultancy, fashion, automotive, etc.).

The PES Talent Bank provides an online tool that former PES trainees can use to widen the scope of their fledgling careers and consolidate the academic knowledge and professional experience gained from both their university studies and from one of the two offices (EUIPO or EPO).

If you are a former PES trainee and want to create or access your account in the PES Talent Bank, please click here.

How to join the PES Talent Bank as associated partner

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in partnership with the European Patent Office (EPO), are launching a call for expression of interest and related documents to select associated partners as members of the PES Talent Bank.

Call for expression of interest

PES Talent Bank application form

Template of MoU to join the PES Talent Bank

PES Talent Bank Legal Notices

Data Protection Statement

All interested stakeholders are invited to submit their applications by completing the relevant form in Annex 1 of the call for expression of interest and sending it to:

The EUIPO and the EPO will consider and evaluate all expressions of interest received.

In this section a ‘’FAQs’’ document will be available in order to respond the stakeholders queries. The questions and answers will be published anonymously, in order to bring an easy and an accessible channel to clarify the most recurrent doubts raised by the interested parties.

In any event, we are happy to provide additional information through the abovementioned e-mail address.