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IP Litigation before the EUIPO Boards of Appeal – Solving your dispute in an effective way Advanced

The EUIPO Boards of Appeal grapple with close to 3000 trade mark and design appeals every year. Efficiency is not only desirable but is an absolute 'must'. This webinar presentation looks at where some of the challenges lie with the current litigation landscape and how the EUIPO Boards of Appeal are trying to put business at the centre of the panoply of dispute resolution tools they offer – be t...

55 min. EN 18/10/2019 08/10/2019
Injunctions Against Intermediaries in the European Union: How Does It Work?  Advanced

In this webinar, recent developments in the area of injunctions against intermediaries in the European Union will be analyzed. After briefly analyzing the history and implementation models across some of the Member States, the webinar will extensively explore the latest case law of the CJEU. It will be concluded with an outlook of upcoming changes in the Digital Single Market. IPLawIPREnforcem...

70 min. EN 04/11/2019 22/10/2019
How to pass AG examination: insight to the examiner’s check list’ Advanced

The webinar will discuss the process for examining EUTMAs with regards to the absolute grounds for objection (Art. 7 EUTMR), and will highlight some of the important searches that trade mark examiners must do related to those grounds. Speaker: Herbert JOHNSTON - EUIPO - Operations Department

55 min. EN 22/10/2019
First time here?

Welcome to the EUIPO Academy Learning Portal! If this is your first time here or you would like to make the most out of the site, this course is what you are looking for. On it you will learn how to create a free account and log in, expanding the catalogue to a wider range of courses available, and also how you can search for content that suits your preferences. Are you ready to explore the Learni...

EN 10/11/2019
Artificial Intelligence Intermediate

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of developments in AI from a conceptual point of view as well as looking at how these developments can be applied to certain business problems. The speaker will also provide a basic explanation of some of the mathematical and technical foundations of AI and the tools and platforms for its deployment. Speaker: Jose Manuel REY GONZALEZ - IE School of Hu...

56 min. EN 22/06/2020 16/06/2020
Trade Mark Classification: recent trends, good practice Basic

Recorded webinar on good practice and recent trends on classification of goods and services for trade mark registration. CarIPI IPKeySEA series webinar. Organised by CarIPI. Objective: To share practice and recent trends on classification of goods and services for trademarks registration. Speaker:  Thom CLARK - Senior Expert Legal Affairs - EUIPO - International Cooperation and Legal Affairs De...

39 min. EN/ES 02/07/2020 19/05/2020
Introduction to the Learning Portal - University of Krakow

Welcome to the EUIPO's Academy Learning Portal! Please join us in this journey to discover the Learning Portal and how to make the most out of it!

EN 15/09/2020
Artificial Intelligence and Change Management Intermediate

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the business environment as a growing number of companies already experience its benefits. However, the implementation of AI often falls short of expectations. This seminar will examine the organizational factors that play a critical role in the implementation of AI and discuss a change management model to successfully implement AI technologies. Speaker: Juan ...

60 min. EN 06/10/2020 22/09/2020
EUIPO IP Course for Paralegals: Returning user reward 2020

Give us a quick feedback regarding the Learning Portal's presentation during the Virtual IP course for Paralegals and get rewarded with a badge!

EN 21/10/2020
Clear writing tutorial Intermediate

This course will help you write in a simple, clear and straightforward style so that your readers easily understand your message. You can do this tutorial in 10-minute chunks - 1 section at the time - whenever you have time at your desk. Each section contains a number of short exercises to be done on paper or in MS Word Sections.

180 min. EN 13/01/2021
Leading digital transformation Basic

Digital Transformation is a very relevant topic in most organizations fostered by technological drivers as well as market drivers. Topics well-known by EUIPO managers as AI and current pandemic responses by many industries are defining a “Second Wave of Digital Transformation”. The relevance and wide spread of this topics hides some lack of precision about its real meaning, its strategic role ...

62 min. EN 16/12/2020 01/12/2020
Discover how to moderate like a professional Basic

Build, develop and improve your online moderating skills thanks to this webinar.After this webinar, as a moderator, you will: understand your role and objectives; be able to effectively prepare a moderation session; be able to engage participants; learn how to manage and challenge the speakers. Join us and benefit from tips and tricks from Claire Doole, a famous professional moderator. Speaker: ...

72 min. EN 01/02/2021 20/01/2021