The EUTM and RCD learning plan for University students, provides comprehensive knowledge of the EUTM and RCD protection systems, as well as of the Madrid system for international registration of trade marks.
This learning plan has been structured to progressively cover main substantial, procedural, practical questions, and recent developments in EUTM and RCD protection.
Moreover, besides mandatory courses, the learning plan proposes supplementary materials that will allow a deeper understanding of these subject matters.
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Not started Introduction to the EUTM system - EN (15-03-2017) (Basic Level) (with certificate)

This presentation provides a short introduction to the EUTM system. More specifically the requirements for registration and the characteristics of the proceedings; the legal instruments and institutions of the EUTM system and the interplay between the EUTM system and the national trade mark systems. Speaker: Dominik HANF - EUIPO - International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department

30 min. EN 15/12/2017
Not started European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) in a Nutshell 2019 (Basic level) (with certificate)

This is an eLearning course presenting core information related to the European Union trade mark (EUTM) and the scope and functioning of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It reflects the legislative changes which entered into force on 1st October 2017.   There are 8 modules with an estimated learning time of 4 hours. The Value of a Trade Mark What is a T...

240 min. EN 28/11/2018
Not started International Classification of Goods and Services

An introduction to the classification, to help you understand how to create a list of goods and services for your applications. This will take you through the basics of the Nice Classification, show Office tools to help you choose correct terms, and how to avoid deficiencies. Speaker: Thom CLARK - EUIPO - International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department (ICLAD)

56 min. EN 23/05/2019
Not started Webinar: The Unitary character of EUTM (Advanced level) (with Certificate)

Following the Article 1(2) EUTMR: An EU trade mark shall have a Unitary character. It shall have equal effect throughout the Union: it shall not be registered, transferred or surrendered or be the subject of a decision revoking the rights of the proprietor or declaring it invalid, nor shall its use be prohibited, save in respect of the whole Union. This principle shall apply unless otherwise provi...

70 min. EN 16/07/2018
Not started Generic Trade Marks

Words or indications that name a product or service are customary or generic in trade and cannot fulfil the essential function of a trade mark. The next webinar will cover generic trade marks from the perspective of Article 7(1)(d) EUTMR, addressing how these terms are barred from registration, and through Article 58(1)(b) EUTMR, which foresees the possibility of revocation of such signs which may...

32 min. EN 30/04/2019
Not started Webinar: Public order and morality (Advanced level) (with Certificate)

Offensive trademarks should never be registered. Is this right and what does it mean in practice? A discourse on marks that may offend ‘public order or accepted principles of morality’. Or not. Warning! Contains bad language.    Speaker: William TROTT - EUIPO - Seconded National Expert, Boards of Appeal

50 min. EN 14/08/2018
Not started Webinar: Geographical names pursuant to article 7(1)(c) EUTMR (Advanced level) (with certificate)

In this webinar, an assessment of trade marks consisting of geographical terms is covered. The key questions addressed during it are the following: Is the geographic location known to the relevant public? Is the geographical location associated with specific goods & services? Are the goods and services normally marketed with reference to a geographic location? ...

58 min. EN 19/10/2018
Not started Webinar: Assessment of the deceptive character, Art. 7(1)(g) EUTMR (Advanced level) (with Certificate)

The webinar deals with the assessment of the deceptive character of trademark applications, in particular with the determination of the relevant public. Various circumstances in which a deceptive link between a sign and the goods/services it is to be registered for may exist are discussed. Finally, the webinar also touches upon deceptive signs in invalidity proceedings.    Speaker:  Ruxandra ...

74 min. EN 08/11/2018
Not started Use it or lose it - Revocation of trade mark for non-use

Find out about revocation: How can a mark be cancelled due to lack of use and what are the consequencesHow can genuine use be proven to ensure the mark remains registered  Speaker: Carmen SÁNCHEZ PALOMARES - EUIPO - Operations Department

50 min. EN 03/06/2019
Not started Guide to Proof of Use

This e-learning activity will provide you with an overview of the legal framework and the Office’s practice (as reflected in the EUIPO’s Guidelines) in opposition cases involving a request for proof of use under Article 47 EUTMR (including the assessment of the evidence submitted). Please, notice that you can only enroll to this course using a General Account or PES applicant account. (It i...

400 min. EN 19/07/2019
Not started Proof of Priority and Seniority 2-3-2016 (Advanced level) (with certificate)

Review of the evidence to be provided by applicants filing an application of seniority or priority. Speaker: Anja WEBER - EUIPO - International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department

42 min. EN 31/05/2016
Not started Webinar: Well-known facts and practical experience (Advanced level) (with certificate)

What are well-known facts? Which are the procedural consequences of relying on well-known facts in a decision? This webinar deals with the notion and the scope of well-known facts in trade mark proceedings before the EUIPO. It will explain their procedural relevance and give practical examples in cases relating to absolute and relative grounds for refusal. Speaker: André POHLMANN - EUIPO -...

70 min. EN 13/06/2018
Not started Registered Community Design (RCD) in a Nutshell 2019 (Basic level) (with certificate)

This is an eLearning course presenting core information about the Registered Community Design (RCD) system. There are 7 modules with an estimated learning time of 3.5 hours. The benefits of industrial designs What is a design right? The requirements for a design right Obtaining designs rights in Europe How to register an industrial design with the EUIPO Invalidity procedure A...

210 min. EN 28/11/2018