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    By creating modern, innovative plant varieties plant breeders are contributing significantly to one of the basic needs of society: enough healthy food that is produced at reasonable prices in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Plant breeding, however, is a time-consuming and costly endeavour with a development time between 5 to 12 years and a re-investment of an average 15% of the annual turnover into R&D. Breeders therefore need strong and effective IP protection for their innovations.

    Plant varieties are self-reproducing and therefore are easy to copy. While respect for IP rights has increased throughout the value chain, infringements continue to happen, and infringers are becoming more innovative, sophisticated and professional in their methods. An active dialogue between rights holders and enforcement agencies is crucial to enabling recognition of infringing activities and goods.

    Customs officials and law enforcement authorities are confronted daily with a large number of consignments coming from all over the world containing potentially infringing plant material. They work to avoid infringing goods entering and circulating in the EU.

    During the webinar, the speakers will:

    • provide general information about the EU agricultural and vegetable seed industry as well as worldwide ornamental and fruit industries, including statistics and key information regarding the value created through plant breeding.
    • give practical insights into facilitating the identification of counterfeit agricultural and vegetable seeds, ornamental and fruit imports into the EU, including case studies.

    Please consult the general introduction to Plant Variety Rights in the European Union here.

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