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IP Seminar (4): Relative Grounds (Intermediate level).

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IP Seminar on Relative Grounds - intermediate level-  7-9 September 2015

The IP Seminars are “traditional” training events at the OHIM headquarters. They are designed to offer a learning platform for the acquisition and exchange of ideas and practices in the IP field. As per established practices, the IP Seminars are open to experts from the EU and non-EU National Offices, as well as from User Associations.

This is an intermediate training designed for examiners with at least one years’ experience in Trademark law and practice.

The course will last about 16 hours and will be delivered over a period of three days in Alicante. It combines theoretical input and interactive workshops intended to provide practical insight on the examination of relative grounds.

In addition, a session on the update of the OHIM guidelines will be addressed on the 9th. This session will be broadcast live for the National Offices and users.

The webinar is currently in post-production and will soon be uploaded in the OALP.

Webinar: NEW GUIDELINES (Work Package 2-2015)

miércoles, 9 septiembre, 10:00 » 11:45
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  • Introduction
  • Part B Examination: section 1: Proceedings
  • Part B Examination: Section 3, Classification
  • Part B Examination: Section 4, AG for Refusal 7(1)(f) - 7(1)(k), Section 4, Collective marks
  • Part C opposition: Part C,section3 (agent mark), section 4 (8.4), section 5 (8.5)
  • Part D Cancellation: Section 2: Substantive provisions
  • Part E Register operations: Section 1: Changes in a registration
  • Part E Register operations: Section 3: CTMs as objects of property
  • Part M International Mark: International Marks
  • Examination of RCD: Examination of applications for RCD
  • Renewal of a RCD: Renewal
  • Questions via chat

The webinar is currently in post-production and will soon be uploaded in the OALP.