1. What is the Similarity of Goods and Services application about?

    The Similarity tool is a search tool that can be used during opposition or cancellation proceedings to assess for given Goods and Services which trade mark offices consider them (and to what degree) similar or dissimilar.

  2. Where do the comparisons come from?

    The comparisons in the Similarity applications have been provided by the participating trade mark offices (the list of these participating trade mark offices can be found on the Home Page).

    Each of the offices has full control and carries inpidually the responsibility over the comparisons of goods and services they publish.

  3. Is it possible to carry out a search for selected trade mark office only?

    Yes, you can limit the search to one or more trade mark offices by selecting the corresponding offices in your search criteria.

  4. Is it possible to get the list of goods and services in any other language than those provided by each trade mark office?

    Yes, the Goods and Services that are compared are all part of the harmonised database. This is a shared list between EU offices and as such, the translations have been made available in all the EU languages. In the search criteria you can choose in which of the EU languages you would like to see the Goods and Services.

  5. Is it possible to download the information on the comparisons?

    Yes, It is possible to save your search result to an excel file that then you can download. You can find this possibility at the bottom of your search results.

  6. Which trade mark offices are to be integrated in the future?

    At this moment only a limited number of offices publish their list of comparisons of Goods and Services. All the trade mark offices have the possibility to join this application, and many already plan to do so in the near future.