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Serving IP users during the recession

OHIM President Wubbo de Boer reviews the first six months of 2009 and looks at the challenges ahead.

When financial times get tough, companies tend to question every investment decision even more carefully. In common with most major world IP offices, OHIM has seen a slight drop in demand, though it is encouraging to see that in recent months we have started to regain some of the lost ground.

The reality is, our customers are affected by the economic crisis and, consequently, so are we. We saw a drop in applications when the “dot-com” bubble burst and from the middle part of last year CTM and RCD applications started to decline in response to the current problems.


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The James Nurton interview
James Nurton talks to Ingrid Mennens, Novagraaf, Belgium

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Editorial Team:
Reg Rea, Darren Grimshaw, Mikael Wesslegard

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Alexandra Apostolakis, Christoph Bartos, Arkadiusz Gorny, Herbert Meister, James Nurton, Marc Richter, Martin Schlötelburg, Wouter Verburg, Nicolas Vigneron, José-Pascual Garcia Bailen, Jacqueline Winkelmolen, José Izquierdo.