CTM-ONLINE + Madrid Protocol

Why a new version of CTM-ONLINE?

As of 1 October 2004 the European Community has joined the Madrid Protocol system, thus offering clients the possibility to use Community Trade Marks as a basis for international trade mark applications and for Community Trade Marks to be applied for via the international route.

The new version of CTM-ONLINE (operational since July 2004) has now been further developed to include information relating to both incoming and outgoing registration processes and further search criteria.

What’s new?

  • The option to search all trade marks or limit a search to CTMs, incoming registration requests, or outgoing internation applications only
  • An indication of the trade mark basis in the list of results as well as additional information in the trade mark details page where applicable

... in addition to the enhancements introduced in July:

  • More information on the CTM registration process, updated daily
  • Better supporting information – via the help page, which now includes a glossary of statuses and information on Vienna codes
  • Integrated links to other databases, such as OHIM Case-Law (refusals, opposition, cancellation, appeals) and Curia, the European Court of Justice and Court of First Instance database
  • Basic search criteria enhancements:
    • Search by type of mark
    • Search by trade mark name using stemming – e.g. films, filmed, filming
    • Search by Vienna Classification for figurative trade marks
  • Advanced search criteria enhancements:
    • Advanced operators (Boolean) and wildcards for trade mark names
    • Search by Nice class
    • Search by filing or registration date
    • Search by status
    • Limit search to trade marks with or without acquired distinctiveness
  • Improvements to the result pages:
    • Sort results by name, number, or filing date, ascending or descending
    • Browse through up to 1,000 results
    • Refine search (search within a search) on unlimited results
    • More precise status information & visual representation
    • Historical log of statuses
    • Detailed information on opposition, cancellation, appeal, and recordals
  • Consult our help page for more detailed information, and contact information@oami.europa.eu if you have any questions